Friday, March 31, 2017

Dear Life

Sometimes I think I can't hang on.

Dear life, you’ve been coming on fast lately. We’ll not so much lately as…always. Only right now it seems faster. But that’s okay. God put me in a particular place at a particular time and you are the life I got. I know I did some things—right or wrong—to shape you into the life you are today. But some things just happened. And life, you are moving along more swiftly that you used to. I know we’re headed somewhere important but I miss the way you used to be. For instance, I miss the mothering of little ones. My babies seemed to have disappeared—replaced by people who are taller than me. Even further back, I miss the girl who didn’t expect the future I’m now living. But some things, I don’t miss so much. I like the right now of you, even though your speed is increasing and sometimes I think I can’t hang on. But I will—I’m hanging on for dear life. Because you are a gift to be discovered, appreciated, and shared. And I don’t want to miss anything.
So that was a brief letter to my life. I tried to find the origin of the expression hanging on for dear life, but came to no conclusion on the matter. If anyone knows, please share it in the comment section below. I know this much—life is dear. And amazing. I’m not one to get into debates over evolution or Earth age. Though some believers hinge their faith on such things, I'm only convinced that life is God’s. It originated with Him. It is sustained by Him and redeemed by Him. It begins and ends by His sovereignty. And I simply don’t care what happened 8,000 years ago or 80,000,000 years ago.
My faith depends solely on what happened 2,000 years ago. I see no reason to hang any other demands on it.

It’s not that I don’t see how a lack of respect for life might hinge on a Godless view of our origin. If life does not come from God, then it is of lesser value. It has little meaning and no real purpose. But it’s not the evolutionist or the facts or fallacies of carbon dating that have brought us in swift measure to this point in the life of the human race. The root does not tunnel down into an old Earth. It is not embedded in fossil fuels. The root lies shallow in a lack of understanding. Great minds can’t explain it. Science can’t discover it. But the most simple-minded believer can know it and share it. It’s grace. I can disregard what a person supposes about a number of things because grace is the hinge of all things. Redemption isn’t based on what you know or think you know. Your piety is of no consequence. Morality is a reasonable goal, but it’s never quite enough. The grace offered by Christ is what matters. It’s what redeems you. And until you’re redeemed you might be hanging on for dear life, but you’re not going to make it.

Sometimes I feel like a small creature held by a strong force to a planet hurling through space and time. Like a misdirected lizard clinging to the windshield of a speeding car, I don’t know much about how I got here. I’ve lost control but I’m going to hang on for dear life and put my trust in the One in charge. If He’s merciful—and I know He is—He’ll let me live. He’ll stop this crazy ride and lift me up, even though I’m a repulsive little thing, and hold me safe in His hands. He could swat me off and run me over, but He won’t. He’ll show me grace and take me all the way home. And home is a place I could never get to on my own.

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