Monday, July 3, 2023

The Convergence


From the window of my home office, I gaze across a couple of acres to the gray house where an American flag wilts against a metal pole. The sky is blue with only a few small cloud puffs that are seemingly as motionless as my neighbor’s flag. It’s a peaceful scene on a quiet day in rural America.

But if I look away and then back again, the clouds will have moved along, or at least they will have taken on new dimensions. And tomorrow or the next day, a storm will violate the tranquil sky and beat the flag into a furious wave. It’s summer in Florida and not too many days pass without what the local news has dubbed inconvenient weather.

The adjective could be applied to a number of situations besides the weather. The red, white and blue flag resisting any shift in this peaceful scene does not accurately represent our nation. If I stretch beyond my limited view, there is little peace. In fact, peace seems to have floated away, or at least it’s taken on new dimensions. And it will not return without fundamental change, or so we’re told. Our thinking needs to change. Our view of reality needs to change. Our country, our world demands it with the shout of a hurricane. The raging storm of social upheaval, for me, seems a great inconvenience.

Climate change. Inflation. Plagues and pandemics, draught and famine, the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals), CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency), SCS (Social Credit Score), CRT (Critical Race Theory may have lost its punch with the press, but it’s a sneaky initialism.), the push for a VMT (tax on Vehicle Miles Traveled), the demands of the LGBTQ+ (I’m not breaking it down—it’s too long and seems a bit redundant. But I’m not here to judge. I’m here to show grace.). These are all highways, and there are many others, eager to deliver us to the long-awaited NWO (New World Order). And then there’s China. And Russia. And is anybody paying attention to the Middle East anymore? Because from where I sit, everything else might just be a distraction.

Communities are represented in the above paragraph, and I belong to a community as well. Within the world-wide body of believers—the Church—there is a sub-community of watchmen (and women) who are especially aware of prophetic progression. These people are tuned in to what’s happening in the Middle East. There are some 250,000 missiles pointed at Israel, and particular conflicts referenced in the Bible may be about to come to pass. To overlook Israel makes the headlines nothing but scary. To remember God’s prophecy about the Holy Land makes it…well, it’s still scary. But it’s also filled with hope and promise. It has all come to a point that the watchers refer to as convergence. All the prophetic signs, for the first time in history, are coming together at once. The world is on the prophetic brink.

And here I sit considering the American flag. And the sky. The wind has picked up a bit and the clouds are gathering. Around the world, for some of my brothers and sisters in Christ, the peacefulness I experience on this day has long departed. Still, they surely know the peace that passes understanding.

For the multitude fighting breathlessly to upend God’s plan for His creation, there is no peace. There never was. But peace will envelope this world when our King rides in to end their battle at last.

The flag doesn’t hold my attention for long. But the sky… I can’t stop looking up.

Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near. Luke 21:28